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London City is the member of Canadian AOFS soccer league, a new professional semi-professional soccer league in Canada. London City uses to be a member of CSL, but with some clubs from CSL and OPDL and newly formed clubs, London City is proud to present the new, fresh and European style of playing a soccer/football in Canada. 

All Home/Away games London City member of CASL will play at [ MAP LINK ] Milton Community Park Santa Maria Blvd, Milton, ON L9T 6W2.

For a tryout with London City and play professional soccer you can,   REGISTER HERE.

We will bring some pro players from Europe to play at a high level of soccer and pass their expertise to young players from Canada. A
lso, we have contacts with soccer clubs in Europe and there are possibilities to send Canadian talent soccer players over there. TRANSFER PLAYERS LINK HERE .

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