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AOFS - Agency of Soccer & Academy of Soccer

AOFS activities are the promotion of sport and sporting talents, especially in soccer. Our priority is the proper guidance of young soccer talent, the work order and discipline, and their promotion in professional soccer clubs around the world.
Regarding a Canadian soccer is the lack of professional clubs and any further actively professional engagement in soccer ends with player’s adulthood. We want to change that!

Through our  AOFS service  TRANSFER    &  EXPERTISE    and our extensive list of Sports Agent Advisers, we strive to provide an unmatched level of personal service to each client/player. Sports Agent Advisers are located throughout the world.

Please fill out the reg/form [click here] or See  TRANSFER   site of the current roster of the players, coaches, agents and a Sports Agent Advisory in your region will contact you. Complete information about your sports/playing experience will increase the likelihood of an agent contacting you in regards to representation. The knowledge & experience of the team, combined with global contacts allow AOFS to be in a position to represent the interests of professional soccer players.

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